The Personal Keys to Entrepreneurship

Coming up with the actual business idea is the easy part of starting your own business. The real challenge of entrepreneurship is the process of building your business – an exhilarating and challenging process that forces you to understand and develop every segment of your company. While this guide will take you through the basics of getting your business established, you should remember that your personal vision and aspirations will be the foundation of your new business.

Desire, persistence, confidence

First and foremost among your personal characteristics as a budding business owner, you must have the drive to succeed. You must envision your business succeeding. You must be willing to do whatever it takes to ensure success. You will probably have larger and more established competitors, but your desire to succeed will help you find advantages over them. You must also instill this desire in every one of your employees. Having a drive to succeed also means setting higher and higher goals. This keeps your company growing and excelling.

Dogged persistence is another must for the entrepreneur. Don’t be discouraged if at first things don’t work out. Try! Try again! You will inevitably encounter setbacks when starting a new venture. Many entrepreneurs have been rejected time and again, before going on to create extremely profitable businesses. You are bound to encounter many people who will discourage or ignore you. Move on and find the next person that will share your beliefs and passion.

Finally, you must exude confidence in your new business. Your confidence motivates others to invest, work for you, or become customers. You must be able to explain why your new business is going to be a success and convey this knowledge to others. Entrepreneurs often face rejection and criticism in starting their businesses. You must able to handle rejection and still remain confident in yourself, your abilities, and your ideas. Every person has a different set of tastes, opinions, and beliefs. Do not be discouraged by criticism. Instead, learn from others and seek out ways to appeal to a variety of personalities.

People skills

The bonds you form with your contacts, employees, and customers will be the basis of your business. Think about the people that are most apt to believe in you and your new business – your friends and family. Why? You have established a bond of trust and respect with them and they believe in you. You want to establish the same sort of relationships with every one you know. Approaching potential customers, partners, or even investors with this understanding in mind is the first step to creating a solid relationship.These relationships will also open new doors for you and your company. Gaining the reputation as someone good to do business with, or someone good to work for, is a sure formula for success. Always look to make additional business contacts and friends. The larger your circle of friends and business contacts, the more resources are available to your business.

Knowing the importance of personal bonds, the good entrepreneur never jeopardizes the reputation of his company by offering any product or service that does not meet or exceed his quality standards. Loyal consumers will result in repeat customers and good word of mouth – the best (and cheapest) form of advertising.


By Career Technology
Career Technology Associate Director, Technology (He/Him/His)