Careers in Media and Connecting with Industry Experts

Benjamin Franklin was certain of two things in life: death and taxes. But there is a third certainty that Mr. Franklin failed to discuss and that is the presence of media in our everyday lives. Whether we are learning about the next best cosmetic line on Instagram, strategically sharing information with the masses in 280 characters or less on Twitter, or trying to become the next big star through platforms like YouTube and TikTok, there is certainly nothing uncertain about the influence media has on us. While yes, the days of the traditional print media may be waning, career opportunities in the larger media industry are still thriving. According to a June 2019 article written by The Balance Careers, an online site that provides practical advice on career planning topics, this is a list of the Top 10 Best Jobs in the Media Industry.

  1. Interpreter/Translator
  2. Film/Video Editor
  3. Technical Writer
  4. Video Producer
  5. Public Relations Specialist
  6. Blogger
  7. Sound Engineer
  8. Art Director
  9. Content Strategist
  10. Social Media Specialist

Interesting in learning more about some of these occupations or what other opportunities exist in the media industry? Register to attend CLAS Career Night: Careers in Media on Tuesday, November 12, 2019 at 5:30 PM. While this event will take place on the Storrs campus it is open to all College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) students at all UConn campuses. Event attendees will have an opportunity to network with CLAS alumni who currently work in various forms of media including print and television, film production, sports media, public relations, and more.

Visit the CLAS Career Night website to learn more and register.

By Kristen Soprano
Kristen Soprano Career Consultant | she, her, hers