Educational Experiences on Campus For Pre-Education Students

For students interested in education, it’s essential to have as much experience working with children as possible. There are programs available to UConn students allowing them to engage with children at a variety of age levels. In these programs, UConn students foster leadership and teaching skills to be more prepared for their desired profession in the future. If you are applying to the Neag School of Education, or even just looking for volunteer opportunities, check out these ways to get involved!

Jumpstart is a national organization that works with preschool-aged children in promoting better reading efficiency and early-aged social enrichment. Working with Community outreach, Jumpstart allows students on campus to become ‘Corp’ members who go out to different site schools to spend time with the children. This includes reading, singing songs, engaging the kids in unique activities related to what they read and more. If you are interested in participating in Jumpstart, you can visit them on the third floor of the student union!

Big Brothers Big Sisters
Big Brothers Big Sisters is also a national organization that helps set role models for children who are hoping to be like you! It’s a one-on-one mentorship program that focuses on you developing your relationship with your Little as the year progresses, hopefully extending your relationship beyond the school year. At the local level, UConn students work with children in the Windham and Putnam school districts. This is an excellent preparation for work in education and social services and allows you to practice and develop leadership and mentorship skills. Click here to learn more about UConn’s BBBS program.

America Reads
America Reads is a program that focuses on literacy improvement of children. UConn students who participate in the program tutor children in select schools in the local area, including Mansfield, Windham, and Hartford. Tutors also meet bi-weekly with their peer group of other participating tutors to discuss ways to improve these skills to better mentor the children they serve. Click here for more information about America Reads.

Visit UConn’s Community Outreach webpage to learn more about these valuable programs and find out how you can get involved!

By Javon Adote
Javon Adote Javon Adote