Narrowing Down my Major

Coming into the University of Connecticut, I wasn’t too sure on exactly which direction I wanted in once I received my degree. There were so many majors and career paths I was considering to pursue. While the idea of having so many possibilities was exciting, it terrified me. It was difficult to understand how to even start on the process of narrowing down.

I started to reduce down my options with the Focus 2 assessment, which is a series of assessments that allow you to better understand your personal values and preferred work environments. The assessments gave me more insight into what type of fields would suit my personality and where my skills would be best utilized. After I completed the assessments I was able to gain a more holistic view of my future.

Taking my interests and the results of my assessments into account, I then proceeded to do the Major Elimination Activity. This step was the most critical in my process of narrowing my fields of interest. After going through all the majors and really thinking about which ones would best suit me, I ended up with a condensed list of 8 majors. This step made me feel so much more confident about my career path. Following this short list of majors, I spent time talking to the faculty and students in each of these majors to learn more about them. I also spent some time researching the various jobs that can come from these certain majors, because the hardest part after choosing a major is figuring out what type of job and sector of the major you want to work in. 

And that is the current state that I am in now, where I have a couple majors in mind, but I am exploring them through courses and informational interviews to better gauge how I would be in that particular field. Hopefully, my experience gave you some helpful advice!

Photo by Oliver Roos on Unsplash

By Nishitha Edupuganti
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