Welcome to the Arts, Media, and Communication Career Community!

As someone interested in learning more about this community, you may already be aware of the vast array of career opportunities that are available to you in these fields (which can be a bit overwhelming). You may also already be aware of existing stereotypes that say it’s hard to find jobs in these fields (which can also be a bit overwhelming). But fear not, this community has been designed to provide you with tools and resources to help relieve the stress and break the stereotypes that may be associated with finding jobs in desired areas. Here are 5 quick tips to help you make the most of the Arts, Media, and Communication Career Community Page.

1.) Review Professions and Skillsets

One of the first things you’ll notice as you scroll through the site are examples of professions within the community as well as some of the common skill sets that are utilized in these professions.  This information not only helps connect the dots between your own personal interests and future job possibilities, but can also be used as key-word searches when searching for internship and full-time opportunities. Try using some of these search terms within O*Net to learn about additional occupations and opportunities that align with this community.

2.) Network

Maybe internet searches aren’t your thing and you’d much rather talk to someone who can answer your questions first-hand. Look no further than the featured list of UConn alumni working in related fields. Using Husky Mentor Network, you can search for and connect with alumni on topics related to career exploration, resume guidance, interview preparation, and so much more! All you need is a UConn e-mail address and an inquisitive mind.

3.) Start Applying

Are you ready to start working and not sure where to find opportunities? Start by checking out the “Featured Jobs & Internships” section of the community site. This area will highlight a few featured positions every week and help connect you to employers of interest. See something you like? Simply click on the link and login to your Handshake account to begin applying or search for other related opportunities!

4.) Stay Educated

Whether you are exploring career paths, looking for jobs, or are just curious to know more about the world of arts, media, and communication, you’ll want to check out our series of blogs. Every few days we will post new content written by Center for Career Development staff members and special guests (academic faculty/staff members, employers, alumni, etc.) that provide more information on industry trends, resources, and tips to help you meet your career-related goals.

5.) Subscribe to E-mails

Unable to scroll through the community page on a daily/weekly basis but don’t want to miss out on valuable content? Sign-up to receive e-mail alerts from the Arts, Media, and Communication career community (or any other community of interest) by signing in to your uConnect account with your NetID and updating your preferences. Sign in by clicking the Log In link located at the top of every page on the Center for Career Development’s website. Once you’ve created your profile, select the community/communities you wish to follow and we will personally deliver related content to your inbox! There is no commitment and you can update the communities you wish to follow at any time.

By Kristen Soprano
Kristen Soprano Career Consultant Kristen Soprano