Welcome to the Government, Public Administration, Law and Non-Profit Career Community!

The UConn Center for Career Development is pleased to announce a new career resource called ‘Career Communities’. Career Communities is comprised of a group of related career paths each with its own webpage with the following information categories:

• Commonly Found Technical Skills
• Commonly Found Transferable Skills
• Featured Jobs & Internships
• Latest News
• Husky Mentor Network
• Upcoming Events
• Student Organizations
• Professional Organizations
• Vault Industry Guides

Career Communities are updated regularly for current career opportunities and resources. These webpages include relevant information all in one place for easier and more accessible student access.

The Government, Public Administration, Law, and Non-profit Career Community includes information that is relevant to students who are interested in the aforementioned career major fields. Each category listed above provides pertinent information as part of the career exploration/research process. Some of these career resources may lead to internship/job opportunities in the future.

If you would like to connect with Alumni mentors related to your career major field, you can easily access examples on the Career Community webpage. For a more extensive list of mentors, visit Husky Mentor Network. You can view examples of internships/jobs on the Career Community webpage as well. You can also log in to your Handshake account for a more extensive list of internship and job postings.

In addition to the previous career resources mentioned on the Career Community webpages, you will discover skill-sets, student/professional organizations and upcoming career events. The Vault Industry Guides will provide you with beneficial information about companies/organizations, industry tips, and career opportunities. In conclusion, the Career Community webpages is your one-stop-shop for career information in career major fields.

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By Robin Shefts
Robin Shefts Assistant Director (Hartford Campus) Robin Shefts