Computer Science Careers – With or Without a CS Degree

Are you a graduating senior with a computer science degree but are having a hard time finding a position? Are you looking for a career in computer science that goes beyond desk work? Are you majoring in a different field but want to explore a career in computer science?

Post-graduate training programs are a great option! One of the leading companies that offer this type of experience is FDM Group. They provide short-term, paid programs that equip you with both technical and business skills that allow you to thrive in a technology-driven field. FDM provides this program for anyone holding a Bachelor’s degree, regardless of field, to aid in the transition between academia and industry. They also have a special program tailored toward veterans with a focus on bridging the gap between the military and the commercial world.

What are the career opportunities through FDM?

Individuals who have gone through the training program have been placed in a variety of roles including: business analysis, business intelligence, DevOps, information security, IT service management, project support office, software development, software testing, and risk, regulation, and compliance. These positions provide opportunities in both technical and management roles.

Who should consider applying?

Graduating seniors with a computer science degree who are interested in getting additional, specialized training. This experience also provides connections to and interviews with major companies, including Capital One, KPMG, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Johnson & Johnson. There are also opportunities to work within FDM as a trainer, recruiter, and interviewers after completing training if you are looking for a career beyond traditional applied computer science.

Graduating seniors with an interest in computer science to gain technical skills and transition into a computer science position without a formal computer science degree. The training program is tailored to first-time coders and provides a strong baseline of skills that covers a sufficient breadth of topics to prepare anyone for a commercial position.

What should you consider before applying?

You will need to have earned a Bachelor’s degree to qualify for this program. FDM has training centers in New York, Metro DC, North Carolina, and Texas and has industry connections all over the country. This will require you to be geographically flexible for placements across the United States. This is a great way to explore the United States but it is also a consideration if you want to stay in New England. FDM also offers full-time paid internship and co-op opportunities for current students. This is a great way to get exposure to a variety of business specialties including finance, marketing, sales, HR, and IT.

Graduating with a degree is such a big accomplishment, but securing a position post-graduation can be a challenge for many students. If you are interested in computer science, this is a great avenue to consider.

By Maria Latta
Maria Latta Maria Latta