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Welcome to the Science, Data, and Technology Career Community. If you are wondering what a Career Community is, we can sort that out right now!

We recognize that narrowing down career interests is pretty hard, and even if you do know exactly what you want to do upon graduation, it’s a good idea to know if there are other options that might be worth exploring. Career Communities are designed to clump information together in a narrower, but still wide-ranging fashion. This information is constantly updating so you can check back frequently or sign in using your NetID and Password and get alerts based on your preferences.

So what’s in here? There are really cool blogs but you already know this! Although the Center for Career Development staff are super smart people, we also rely on our employers to share important insights and your UConn peers to share their insights about a broad range of topics including job and internship stuff.

You will also notice that there are some featured jobs and internships. These are selected just to give you an idea of the types of careers that exist in this interest area and you can access Handshake to see hundreds of other relevant opportunities.

Are you interested in speaking with people who were UConn students just like you, but are now working professionals? This is what Husky Mentor Network is all about. When you sign up for your own Husky Mentor Network account, you will have the ability to view hundreds of professionals who are there to offer you advice. An important aspect of Husky Mentor Network is that these alums have self-selected and signed up for this platform and are eager to talk to you.

You can also view important upcoming events that may appeal to you, you can see which organizations on your campus are aligned with this Career Community, and see a sampling of Professional Organizations that can give you an even deeper look into the fields of Science, Data, and Technology.

Aligning yourself with one or more of the Career Communities does not obligate you to choose a specific major or choose a specific career. You can change your preferences as often as you like or just explore without setting any preferences whatsoever. We designed the Career Communities simply to make this part of your journey easier and more meaningful.

By Eran Peterson
Eran Peterson Assistant Director, Career Coaching and Counseling Eran Peterson