Get Your Start in the Gig Economy

In the United States, 53 million workers are either freelancers or self-employed. This number is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. With this “gig economy” taking the current college generation by storm, many are left wondering how they can get involved too. Although it may seem difficult to become a freelancer, especially while maintaining full-time employment, it is surprisingly easy to start yourself up with a side hustle.

Although many people may picture someone in a field like graphic design when they hear the phrase “freelancer”, there is a place for everyone in this gig economy. There are opportunities in everything from legal writing to music mixing to data analysis.


As a freelancer getting started on Fiverr, it is very similar to the setup of a website such as LinkedIn. You start building out your profile with relevant information about yourself, things you are passionate about, and your qualifications relating to what you want to do. You can link relevant social media accounts, list skills, and even certifications. I would recommend tailoring your profile to gigs that you want to complete.

After setting up your profile, its time to list your first gigs! Fiverr gigs are from freelancers to people who need your service, meaning workers post what they can do for you and companies buy your services. To get started, you must first set what you are offering and what comes with your services. Fiverr lets you choose from a wide array of job types so there is certainly something for everyone. You then set up the pricing for your gig. This may seem daunting at first but I recommend taking a look at other offerings in the same field to get a sense of what others are charging. It may also be helpful to set your price lower to entice people to try you out!


Upwork is very similar to Fiverr as it is a space for freelancers to find work. Where it differs is that instead of workers posting jobs they can do on the website, employers post projects that need to be completed. You are provided with a large amount of freedom to choose what you are interested in as there are a wide variety of projects to get involved with on Upwork.

Traditional Social Media (Instagram)

Social media is also a great way to add to your freelancing career. It provides you with a great space to showcase your work and make connections with potential clients.  Although building a freelance career off of social media is an option, it seems to be a better tool as a supplement to freelance platforms.

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By Charles Penny
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