Prepare for Life After College with UNIV 4800

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to prepare for life after college while still earning credit? UNIV 4800 (Senior Year Experience) offers just that! Currently a blended online/in-person class, Senior Year Experience prepares students for life after graduation. As additional sections are being added, we’re currently evaluating new class formats such as online-only or entirely in-person. UNIV 4800 is currently offered once a week; stay posted for next semester’s meeting times. Next Fall there will be a general section for all seniors and plans are in the works for new sections for affinity groups, majors, and possibly career communities.

The course curriculum is focused on educating students on important life skills needed after graduation that many do not have an opportunity to learn. The class provides a sense of inclusion, allowing students to realize they aren’t on their own in perhaps feeling unprepared or underprepared for things like paying off student loans or choosing a health plan. The course is taught alongside Realworld, an online platform filled with modules on personal finance, student loans, accepting a job offer, healthcare, and much more. In-class guest speakers provide an additional view with their own expertise on a range of life- and career-readiness topics. If you are interested in learning useful life skills that will help you navigate life after graduation, UNIV4800 (Senior Year Experience) may be the right class for you!

By Selah Ford
Selah Ford Selah Ford