Utilizing Big Interview to Prepare for Summer Opportunities

As you wrap up your Spring semester, you might start thinking about applying for summer opportunities to help you develop your professional skills. Whether you’re a new graduate applying for a job, or still in school and applying for an internship, part of the process for being successful in securing an offer for a position is attending an interview. An interview is a way for an employer to get an opportunity to speak with you and find out more about your experiences and qualifications other than what is written on your résumé. As you begin to receive invitations for interviews, you may think about how you can make your best impression on an employer.

If you’re not feeling confident in your interview skills, or if you’ve been to your fair share of interviews and are looking to brush up before your next interview, one of the excellent resources the Center for Career Development provides to help you enhance your interview skills is Big Interview. Big Interview is a self-paced virtual interviewing website that allows you to read content, view sample questions, and conduct practice interviews using your own webcam.

One of the benefits of using Big Interview is that it allows you to select customized interview questions by industry or career readiness competency to help you feel more confident in your responses. With over 100 industries covered, Big Interview’s extensive database of questions will help you anticipate and prepare for answering industry-specific questions. Tailoring your responses to the content of these questions will help you stand out and make you a much more competitive candidate for your desired position.

In addition, Big Interview offers video-based lessons that help you navigate the interview process from start to finish based on how much time you have to prepare. Their Fast Track lessons will quickly cover essential tips and most common questions, while their Mastery Track lessons will allow you to dive in deep for more competitive/difficult interviews. These lessons provide valuable information on topics including analyzing the job description, interview best practices, answering inappropriate interview questions, and more.

Whether or not you have an interview coming up, practicing your interview skills through Big Interview can help you make your interviewing experience a lot less stressful and more manageable. Click here to access Big Interview and continue improving your interview skills today!

By Victoria
Victoria Victoria