Saving the Planet One Day at a Time

Climate Change, Deforestation, Animal and Marine Life Welfare, and Conservation are all highly charged topics, yet ones students at UConn study and research on a daily basis. If these areas are a high priority to you, working at a job that matches your values may be your goal. Use the following online resources to research fields of interest and learn about employment opportunities and career paths.

EcoJobs – Research current career opportunities in a variety of environmental fields including Conservation, Environmental Science & Engineering, Renewable Energy and Green Jobs, Education, Advocacy and more. You can search for jobs by category or by state. Internship opportunities are also highlighted.

Careers in Environmental Protection involve jobs that help reduce the negative environmental impacts of today’s actions, restore damaged ecosystems to health, or build sustainable ways of life for the future. This site will help you learn about career opportunities in Environmental Protection including sample occupations.

O*NET Online has detailed descriptions of the world of work for use by job seekers. Browse groups of similar occupations to explore career paths, focus on occupations that use specific knowledge and skillsets and more.

Lastly, check out this article about the Benefits of Working Outdoors. If are reading this, you likely already know many of the items, and it is always great to have your thoughts validated.

By Beth Settje