Food, Glorious Food

Do you love food? Are you interested in how ingredients combine? Do you think about nutrition and how food affects the body? Do you want to make new ice cream flavors? Is The Food Network your go-to channel? If you answered yes to any/all of these questions, having a career based on food may be a real option for you; there are numerous occupations for foodies including food scientists, sales, researchers, dietitians, and food testers, in numerous industries such as hospitals, corporations, government, restaurants, and the media.

Regardless of your major, think about your skills and interests and how you can merge them into a fulfilling career. Read below to get some ideas from some successful food enthusiasts or websites, as you start this journey.

Meet Natalia Butler, a Flavor Guru at Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, and see how her path led her to this famous creamery. Or visit with Barrie Schwartz who took a love of food and knowledge in marketing, to create My House Events in New Orleans. Adam Goldberg became the Editor in Chief for his magazine Ambrosia, where he travels the world and documents the international food scene. Websites that might offer additional insight into the food industry:

Dietitians on Demand provides dietitians with opportunities to advance their practice and elevate the profession.

Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) advances the science of food and its applications across the global food system.

Specialty Food Association (SFA) is a source of industry information, educational events, and in-person and online networking opportunities for its members.

(And if you are not familiar with Oliver the Musical, check out the song Food, Glorious Food; though it is based on orphans in 1850, the lyrics are pretty fun.)

By Beth Settje