Tips on Searching for Government Internships/Jobs during a Pandemic

Searching for an internship or job has many inherent challenges, but during a global pandemic, they seem to be astronomical.  Now that many companies and organizations are closing temporarily or minimizing staffing, traditional hiring has changed to reflect the times. Though you may need to exert more effort in finding internships/jobs now, the skills preparation required for success remains the same as in the past.  Fortunately, the United States government and many large companies are currently hiring personnel.  If you are interested in applying for a U.S. government job, visit

In terms of preparing for an internship or job search, you want to consider the following:

  • Update your resume and cover letter
  • Develop your on-line professional profile (e.g. LinkedIn)
  • Craft your ‘elevator pitch’ and practice interview questions to develop interview skills
  • Research career opportunities through on-line search engines and college/professional contact lists
  • Attend online career and networking events at universities and within your community

Currently, internship/job interviews are being conducted through virtual platforms. This online interview approach, through phone and video technology, has been used in the past for pre-screening applicants early in the recruitment process.  The same interview preparation that applicants relied upon in the past still applies today.

The Center for Career Development at the University of Connecticut has numerous career on-line resources that can aide students/alumni with developing effective internship/job search skills.  Utilizing the following career resources may increase the probability of achieving career success:

Resume & Cover Letter Writing Guide
Resume & Cover Letter Samples
Career Communities
Husky Mentor Network
LinkedIn- Building Your Profile
Handshake (search for internships/jobs)
Experiential Learning Search Engines
Career on Demand                                       (brief videos on all career topics)
Career Webinars
Big Interview

For additional career information, please contact the UConn Center for Career Development at

By Robin Shefts
Robin Shefts Assistant Director (Hartford Campus) Robin Shefts