Let’s Talk About Things to Consider in your Job Search

There are many things that go into deciding whether or not you want to apply to a company, and then whether or not you decide to accept a job offer, but, how often do you take a pause and actually look at the people in the company’s that you’re interested in working for?

A company is an entity in itself, but at its heart, a company is the people that make it up. It is easy to forget the people that make up a company; the allure of big names like Google and Apple often allow people to forget the names and faces that make a company up. But it’s the people that are the heart of a company, and lead to a workplace that you can truly feel like you’re a part of.

Some companies have employee bios on their About page which showcases the individuality and accomplishments of all the employees in an organization. This can offer insight into the type of people who work in the company, and whether it is the right environment for you. Working in an environment that lines up with your beliefs, goals, and motivations might be something to consider in your career choice.

Looking at different members of an organization can also show that most companies often hire majors from all different spectrums of academia. It further shows that a major is not the only thing that dictates which fields you can apply to and that there are many opportunities for you in all different kinds of organizations.

DAC Group, a digital marketing agency, states that while they have a unique set of services, it is in fact the people who work for them that set them apart from the rest. This resonates with the idea that a company is made up of all the people who work in its different departments, and is not just an entity in itself.

So, in the future when you feel you may not be a good fit for a position or a company take a look at the different types of people who work there. This can be as easy as visiting their team page or doing a quick search on LinkedIn. You might be surprised by the diversity of majors and people that you find.

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By Alex Manna
Alex Manna Program Assistant/Employer Relations Coordinator, Stamford Campus Alex Manna