Finding a Job That Will Make a Difference in the Community

If you are majoring in a career related to the humanities, social services, public policy/government, business, or urban/community development you may especially want to consider pursuing employment in the non-profit sector.  Non-profit organizations develop missions that focus on the welfare of the individual within the larger community.  To fulfill their missions, they develop and customize programs to meet the needs of their community members.  All non-profit organizations are guided by a Board of Directors comprised of diverse community members. The Board of Directors provides direction for the organization and establishes a policy-based governance system.

Many individuals work at non-profit organizations because of the intrinsic satisfaction they receive both personally and professionally.  This reason may compensate for the lower salary/benefits structure staff receive due to state and federal funding, grants, public donations/endowments.

Working at a non-profit organization usually provides staff with increased opportunities to gain diverse skill sets since the number of staff members they can hire is limited due to financial constraints. Therefore, staff often need to assume many duties and roles, making the work projects more varied and interesting.

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Image by David Mark from Pixabay

By Robin Shefts
Robin Shefts Assistant Director (Hartford Campus) Robin Shefts