What Types of Skills are Best for an Education Major?

A scientist, an actor, a chief executive officer and a philanthropist. What do these four professions have in common? They all possess skills that you will need as an educator.

This is because the list of abilities that define an effective educator is almost endless. However, there are several qualities that the best educators do have in common: Curiosity, Creativity, Communication, and Compassion.


An educator’s learning is never complete; you must be the type of individual who has an insatiable hunger for knowledge. An educator is the type of person who is curious about what will inspire his students, how his students learn best, and how to guide his students to learn as much as possible. Educators cannot be afraid to look ahead, attempting new things, and reflecting on the impact of past and current practices.


Being an educator requires a great deal of creativity and the ability to generate new ideas and then combine those with prior knowledge in order to problem-solve for the best results. What helps one student learn may not work for another, so an educator is always flexible in his thinking, seeking to create novel ways to engage his students.


As an educator, you must first listen to understand others and then be able to discover ways to relay information for diverse populations in a manner that they can relate to. Because education is a major in which the expression of thoughts is vital, educators have to enjoy other’s stories and seek them out.


Knowledge is meaningless without an underlying desire to use it for the betterment and welfare of others. Tolerance, acceptance, and the ability to empathize with others are important elements of compassion and vital for an effective educator to possess. A compassionate educator is an advocate for her students, for themself, and for the profession.

In summary, skills required for education majors can vary but the dispositions that guide how skills are used are vital; an educator should be intellectually curious with the ability to creatively problem-solve in order to make informed decisions for the good of all involved. Education as a career path will reap rewards beyond the material to those of inspiration, gratitude, kindness, and the extension of knowledge for future generations.

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By Gabrielle Comella
Gabrielle Comella Assistant Director, Corporate Partner Relations