Huskies for Charity – Kids in Crisis Scavenger Hunt

Kids In Crisis Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Kids in Crisis

Kids in Crisis is a nonprofit organization that provides crisis counseling, emergency shelter, and education programs for children and families. Kids in Crisis was introduced to Huskies for Charity through the Uconn Center for Career Development. Huskies for Charity was excited to get involved in an organization that is dedicated to creating a safe environment for children and families. The game took place through Goosechase, a mobile app made for hosting and participating in online scavenger hunts. There were 90 missions that players were challenged to complete within two weeks, from July 27-August 7. The Kids in Crisis Scavenger Hunt has been a gratifying experience because it gave Huskies for Charity a chance to connect virtually.

Collaborating on Challenges

Recreated the iconic Beatles album cover.

Completing challenges and working together gave us a sense of community during such a challenging time. Some of the challenges included recreating the iconic Abbey Road Beatles album cover and decorating a car. Since we could not meet in-person to complete the challenges, we had to come up with creative solutions. We each took pictures of ourselves and then photoshopped them together to create a cohesive album cover.

Huskies for Charity also collaborated when creating the theme and design of the car. We discussed designing an underwater theme together and then I sketched it out the idea onto my car. Both of these are examples of times in which our club worked collectively to complete the challenges and raise awareness for Kids in Crisis. This experience reminded us of the importance of connecting with others as we developed our creativity and teamwork skills.

Family Connection

The scavenger hunt connected us with our families by engaging them in activities. I got my parents involved by helping me record videos and even getting them to participate in some challenges. For example, my brother did a challenge where he had to place an Oreo on his forehead and try to get it into his mouth without using his hands. My dad did a challenge where he juggled tennis balls, and he also donated pizza from his restaurant, Sorrento Pizza on High Ridge Road, Stamford, CT. His contribution helped serve about 10-12 members at the Kids in Crisis Shelter.

Huskies for Charity donated gift cards and pizzas for the children at Kids in Crisis.

Vivian, Vice President of Huskies for Charity, and her family played an integral role in providing donations and delivering the meal to the Kids in Crisis Farmhouse. We are appreciative of all the support from our friends and family.


Huskies for Charity raised over $480 in donations including providing a meal for Kids in Crisis. These funds went towards providing funding for immunizations, diapers, food, and counseling for children in need. We are grateful to be able to continue our fundraising efforts in an online format. Our team came in second place in the scavenger hunt and we are proud of our accomplishments throughout the entire experience. Our team put a remarkable amount of time, dedication, and effort into completing challenges. We worked collaboratively to make the meal and donations possible for the children at Kids in Crisis. The skills learned from this experience will be transferred to our professional lives and future events. Huskies for Charity had an enriching time participating in the challenges while simultaneously raising awareness for Kids in Crisis.

Learn More

If you are interested in getting involved with Kids in Crisis and Huskies for Charity, contact us and we will connect you with virtual opportunities. We encourage you to reach out to the Center for Career Development to explore other opportunities and get support in career planning.

By Sabrina Uva
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