UConn LENDs a Hand to Those with Disabilities

Imagine how a child who uses a wheelchair feels during school recess when no one plays with them or when they’re left behind during a fire drill.

Imagine how parents feel when their child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is repeatedly excluded from social gatherings because of challenging behaviors.

Imagine how scared parents and their child feel when they graduate from high school and have no job, options for post-secondary education, or living options.

And when is the last time you socially interacted with a person with a disability in your community, or even saw a person with a disability included in community activities you take for granted?

Since the late 1980s UConn has been hard at work to change these everyday realities experienced by persons with disabilities and their families. Click here to read the full story on UConn Today.

By Lauren Woods
Lauren Woods Director of News Services and Spokesperson