Here’s What You Missed: Career Conversations October 21st, 2020 

We had another session of our weekly Career Conversations! These are sessions our staff moderates in which different employers and alumni in the engineering industry speak about their companies and opportunities offered for students! 

We had representatives from Electric Boat, NelNet, Sectra, and Carecentrix talk about their respective companies and programs they are offering for our students!  

Here is what you missed—— 

Q: What are your companies known for, and what programs are you offering for students? 

A: Electric Boat: We create hardware and software for submarine development; we’re one of the premier businesses in the industry. We have been making submarines for about 70 years. In terms of our programs, we offer a summer internship program where we hire about 120 interns; a supervisor will accompany each intern. We also have a co-op program starting this fall, which usually holds between 6-9 spots. 

NelNet: We work in numerous industries, but for us, we have an IT internship program. It’s a rotational program during the academic year, where the first semester you spend in one department and shift to another the following semester. These are paid, and usually, students have a choice in placement. 

Sectra: We have been a global business for about 45 years and based in the US for 20, focused on medical imaging. We have summer internships; we bring in about 4-5 interns, which builds your skills towards the possibility of attaining a full-time position after graduation.  

Carecentrix: We are a business that focuses on patient care, creating programs, and opportunities for more affordable and efficient ways for patients in their own homes. We offer a formal internship program, which was virtual last year, but we have yet to decided on the method for next year. It’s a rotational program as well. We also have a Rotational post-graduate internship.  

Q: What would your internships provide? 

A: All companies have spoken about the rotational opportunities each intern would receive in their time there; each assigns a supervisor and mentor to support your productivity and development. Each company shared a similar goal for all of its interns to help students develop skills for specific roles. This is known as a two-way positive relationship, where both the company and the individual grow. 

Q: What do your application processes and recruitment schedules look like? 

A: Electric Boat: Applications close late this month or early this month, there are no interviews for internships, and by early next year, you should be getting an idea of what the summer entails 

NelNet: Applications are still open, and internships themselves are still being added. There will be panel interviews for those candidates who qualify for numerous internships 

Sectra: Applications are open; the interview process is just like a full-time position because we want our applicants to know what it’s really like 

Carecentrix: Opportunities open up around January, interviews for full-time interns are held around the same time. If you list any coding languages on your resume, you may be asked in an interview to show a little of what you know. 

Q: Biggest tips for applicants? 

A:  See list:

  1. The first two inches from your resume’s margin are important, be sure to tailor your resume to the job you’re applying for and format that section with the most key things you feel are important, such as relevant classes. 
  2. Always revise your resume before submitting it for a job. 
  3. In interviews, be sure to show your personality and your desire for the position; specifically, ask questions. 
  4. Don’t turn away internships that aren’t ideally leading to your career. 

Be sure you check back next Wednesday for our next Engineering Conversation at noon! 




By Javon Adote
Javon Adote Javon Adote