The Benefits of Professional Organizations for Native American Students

Affinity Communities were borne out of a need to ensure that all students can identify resources, services, and events that they can identify with based on diversity, equity, and inclusion.  The Center of Career Development is working with Native American Cultural Programs here at UConn and others on campus to cultivate content for this page.  As we continue to build content on the Native American/Indigenous Affinity Community, I thought it was important to share information regarding the information that already exists on this page; in particular, professional associations.

Diversity Professional Associations support the interest of the people working in that profession, professional development opportunities, relevant news, and can cultivate professional networking.  There are many opportunities for students who wish to join these organizations. Many of them have special student rates, some have internship opportunities, and they provide a chance for you to meet professionals who have a similar career and/or affinity as you.

For example, the American Indigenous Business Leaders organization has a link on its homepage for “Get Involved,” which has sub-links for internships, chapters, student handbooks, and more.  Of further note, this particular organization’s mission is “… solely dedicated to empowering business students in activities that stimulate, enhance, and expand educational experiences beyond traditional academic methods”.

This page provides examples of Professional Associations for several career fields geared toward Native American and Indigenous people below. However, if you don’t see your career field represented and would like to explore one of these organizations, you can search “professional organizations for (your career field) for Native American/Indigenous people.”


Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

By Nancy Bilmes
Nancy Bilmes Director (she/her)