Create Your Own Internship & Get $4000

What if I told you that you could create your own hands-on experience designed specifically to help you achieve your post-graduation dreams. Then, what if I told you that UConn would not only guide you through the process of developing this experience, but they would give you up to $4,000 to make it a reality. If this sounds like something that would be perfect for you – then let me introduce you to the UConn IDEA Grant.

What is the UConn IDEA Grant?

This is a grant of up to $4,000 to fund self-designed work on a topic, project, problem, artistic product or performance, or entrepreneurial idea of your choice.

Who is this grant designed for?

It’s designed for you!
UConn undergraduate students in all majors at all campuses can apply. If you’re an undergraduate student pursuing a bachelor’s degree at the University of Connecticut and you’re in good academic standing, then this grant is for you – literally.

What if my idea isn’t good enough?

Your idea is more than good enough! In fact, it is exactly the type of thing that the UConn IDEA Grant selection committee is hoping to fund! This is your opportunity to be creative, innovative, and original.

Do you have a real interest in the arts and have an inspired work you’d love to showcase?
Have you been toying with the idea of developing a new app but don’t have the finances to get started?
Are you business focused and have an entrepreneurial venture in mind?
Is there a research topic that you would love to dive deeper into?
Has service to the community always been on your mind and you notice a need for a program in your hometown?
…the list of possibilities is never-ending.

Why should I apply?

We all know the power of an internship, research experience, and volunteer work and how these opportunities are a way to gain experience and to essentially show that you have working knowledge in a particular field or industry. But what if you didn’t have to wait for someone else to give you that opportunity, what if you made your own experience from the ground up? The possibilities presented by the UConn IDEA Grant are not to be missed. When you are so thoroughly involved in developing your own experience you have the ability to create something that plays to your strengths and inspires and shapes your future career goals.  The UConn IDEA grant provides you with an incredibly valuable learning experience. The benefits of this opportunity are far-reaching as you will undoubtedly develop skills that will prepare you for a career or even graduate study.

This sounds amazing! How do I find out more?

Read all there is to know about the UConn IDEA Grant here:

Questions about the UConn IDEA Grant?

Connect with the IDEA Grant program coordinator:
Melissa Berkey, Assistant Director
Office of Undergraduate Research

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By Caitlin Cincotta
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