Using to Find Employers Who Sponsor Visas is an online portal for international students seeking employment opportunities in the United States. It provides an annual H1B Visa Report that indicates which employers sponsored employees, for what positions, and in which cities and states. “ was created by immigrants to address the needs of foreign workers.” explains that “most American employers do not want to sponsor working visas, so most of your time will be wasted if you use the same job board as American candidates. helps the foreign workers to concentrate their job searches on the employers who have sponsored H-1B visa in recent years.”

According to “…most new job openings in the United States are never advertised. Only 12-14% of external hires in the United States come from job boards. So you should use a proactive strategy to pitch the employers.”

Quarterly Reports

The quarterly reports that posts are valuable resources for international students. Job seekers are provided with a ranking of the top H1B Visa Sponsors in the U.S. for the previous quarter. 

 Below is a sampling of the most recent Top 10 companies that sponsored candidates across the country.

Top H1B Visa Sponsors 

Rank  H1B Visa Sponsor  Number of LCA *  Average Salary 
Cognizant Technology Solutions  28,526  $86,456 
Infosys  21,473  $87,248 

Tata Consultancy Servic


11,868  $86,453 
Google  10,577  $143,373 
Ernst & Young  8,893  $122,887 
Capgemini  8,411  $89,750 
Deloitte & Touche  8,258  $91,413 
Amazon.Com Services  7,705  $134,117 
IBM  7,237  $107,449 
10  Microsoft  6,041  $142,132 

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You can also break this report down further by state. Here is a sample for the state of Connecticut. This report lists the top 1-12 H1B Visa Sponsors in the fiscal year 2019.

H1 B Visa Sponsored by State – Connecticut 

Rank  H1B Visa Sponsor  Number of LCA *  Average Salary 
Cognizant Technology Solutions  1,693  $87,933 
Infosys  916  $88,244 
Larsen & Toubro Infotech  503  $93,090 
Accenture  360  $117,004 
Yale University  262  $94,421 
Capgemini  259  $92,922 
Tata Consultancy Services  190  $85,703 
Slk America  138  $85,874 
Asml Us  130  $102,384 
10  IBM  116  $98,857 
11  Ernst & Young  112  $139,820 
12  University Of Connecticut  109  $79,407 

 Applying for Positions 

Once you have narrowed down the metropolitan areas and industries that have the largest number of work visa job opportunities for you, you should develop a list of potential employers that you would like to research. explains that “ whether or not an employer will sponsor a visa is contingent on various factors including candidate qualification, job market, skill sets required, work location, etc.”

Visit a company’s employment opportunity or career page to see if they have open positions in an area that interests you. Apply to the position according to the directions set forth by the company.

If you are interested in learning more about finding jobs in the U.S., you are encouraged to schedule a coaching session with a career counselor at UConn’s Center for Career Development. Visit Meet with a Career Coach Virtually, to schedule an appointment today!

Desiree Martino is a Career Coach at UConn’s Center for Career Development


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