Interested in Starting Your Own Business? 

So, you’re interested in starting your own business? You don’t know where to start, and that’s okay. Starting a business or taking a delve into forming an entrepreneurial mindset can be intimidating, but that doesn’t mean that you need to face it alone. There are resources and webinars to help guide you along the way. I’ll be giving you a brief overview of Immigrants Rising’s three-part webinar series in partnership with United We Dream entitled Income Generation Webinar Series.

You can look at the webinars below as a guide to help you get started in achieving your goals of starting a business.

Webinar 1: Understanding What It Means to Work For Yourself

In this webinar, you will be lead through what it means to be employed and what it means to be an entrepreneur. You will also learn about some of the legal considerations one might face when starting their own business. This will help you become familiarized with some of the first steps in learning what it means to work for yourself.

Webinar 2: Developing an Entrepreneurship Mindset

Everybody comes into the work environment with a different set of skills, experience, knowledge. This webinar will help you to find out how your specific set of skills can be used to help in achieving an entrepreneurship mindset. With this webinar, you can find out what skills and experience you already bring to the table, and how they can be utilized to start generating income.

Webinar 3: Starting a Business

The final webinar in the series will help you take everything that you learned in the first two webinars in order to successfully start your goal of becoming an entrepreneur. Take what you’ve learned from this series in order to take the first steps to establish your own business.

If you need help during any steps of this process, we have virtual career coaching appointments available all semester. Just log into Handshake and make an appointment with one of our career coaches.

By Alex Manna
Alex Manna Program Assistant/Employer Relations Coordinator, Stamford Campus