Student Success Story: Alexis Trench


Alexis Trench (she/her/hers) earned a master’s degree in Animal Science from the College of Agriculture, Health, and Natural Resources at UConn in 2020. After obtaining her degree, Alexis went on to secure employment at Charles River Laboratories as a Supervisor of Animal Husbandry. Read more about Alexis’s journey below.

How did you choose your Masters Program? 

I had completed my Bachelor’s in Pre-Veterinary Medicine but knew that veterinary school was not the path I wanted to take.

Please share two or three noteworthy internships, co-curricular activities, volunteer experiences, jobs, programs, or other degrees and certifications acquired that contributed to your current success. 

My time as a Graduate Director for the WiMSE Learning Community provided me with numerous opportunities to act as a leader, as well as helped me develop my ability to motivate, educate, and support my students which I will now do for my staff team.

My Bachelor’s Degree provided me with experiences that prepared me for my time at UConn academically, educationally, and within my capacity as a mentor.

Did you overcome academic, career preparation, or job search obstacles during your time at UConn? How? 

Being a black woman in science is hard enough of a struggle as I constantly worry about how I am being perceived by my colleagues and peers. These identities have led me to be incredibly particular about how to dress, how to style my natural hair, and how to present myself. Being a black woman entering the workforce during a pandemic was even more challenging, especially during the current social climate. I feel fortunate to have found a company that truly celebrates diversity. 

What advice would you give to current UConn students who are looking to follow the same career path? 

If you’re interested in lab sciences, the most important thing you can do is join a research lab! Don’t be afraid to reach out to professors from other departments. Science is intersectional and they may have opportunities to pursue your passions in a capacity you didn’t anticipate. 

What are some recent accomplishments and achievements you have had in the workforce within the last year?

I was the 2nd place winner for the American Society for Animal Scientists Annual Conference Graduate Poster Competition.

By Anusha Gopinath
Anusha Gopinath CLAS Career Ambassador