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Stuck on how to prepare for an interview? LinkedIn has a cool, new feature that has a bunch of common interviewing questions for different industries. To locate this on LinkedIn go to the “Jobs” tab and then click on “Interview Prep.” Here you’ll find some general interviewing questions that you’re likely to encounter for any type of position. 

As you click on each interview question on the left-hand side of the page you’ll see an overview that states what an interviewer is evaluating in this question. Next, there is an answer framework section which has a short video discussing how to approach the question as well as some written recommendations. Lastly, the page includes some concise tips to nail your response. This means that you can choose how much time and what ways you would like to prepare for this question in an interview. Their specific interview categories are a bit limited since they only include questions for finance or sales positions, but I’m sure as they continue to develop this new feature, more categories will come!

There is also a useful tool at the top of this page that is a bit more interactive when preparing. You now submit your own practice response either through a video recording or a text response. For the video option, LinkedIn uses AI technology to provide feedback in categories like speed, pitch, and filler words. This tool is very similar to another tool that all UConn students have access to, Big Interview! It is the same setup, but there are many more options to individualize the questions that you are asked, so if you like the LinkedIn feature try Big Interview

Another option is submitting a written response. This does not allow for instant feedback, but with this and the video option you are able to ask for feedback from other LinkedIn connections you may have! This is a great way to start a conversation with other professionals on LinkedIn. 

Lastly, LinkedIn has an Interview Question Generator which you can utilize in order to add more practice questions to your preparation. You are able to select the traits that you anticipate being assessed. I recommend taking a look at the position description and seeing which transferable skills are repeated or emphasized. You are then given specific questions for each trait. Once you select the questions that are most relevant to your position you can print out an interviewing guide that includes space to take notes and rate each response. Feel free to give the guide to your friends or family so you can practice answering questions on the spot! However, if you want feedback from trained interview professionals schedule a practice interview with the Center for Career Development today!

To get more personalized feedback on interviewing in your industry or for a specific position you can always make a virtual career coaching appointment!

By Melissa Nowak
Melissa Nowak Melissa Nowak