11 Questions to Ask to Assess an Employer’s Commitment to DE&I

Evaluating an employer’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) is an important part of the job or internship search process. Nowadays many companies have statements available on their websites that outline their commitment to DE&I, but how can you tell that the company fully stands by that statement in their operations and decisions?

Chelsea C. Williams, founder and CEO of College Code, recently wrote an article for the National Association of Colleges and Employers listing 11 questions that you can ask during the application process to help. College Code is a national organization that works to help employers develop and retain emerging talent across diverse populations. Through this work, Chelsea has interacted with hundreds of employers and has a deep understanding of how various companies demonstrate their commitment to DE&I. A few highlights from Chelsea’s list of questions include:

  • Does your organization offer any formal employee training around biases, anti-racism, or general DEI?
  • Does your organization have a chief diversity officer (CDO) or a designated leader to drive DEI and engage internal and external stakeholders?
  • Does your organization have any affinity groups or committees to support diverse populations? If so, how do these groups contribute to the culture of the organization?

Read the full article to see Chelsea’s full list of questions.

Photo by Emily Morter from Unsplash.