CT Students for a Dream 2021 Presentation, Training, & PD Request Form Is Open!

Faculty, student organization, and advocates see below for details for the CT Students for a Dream “Presentation, Training, & Professional Development Request Form 2020-2021” is open.

CT Students for a Dream (C4D) was founded in 2010 by a group of undocumented students and allies from across Connecticut. Initially coming together to discuss how it could advocate for the Federal DREAM Act, this small group organized a CT “Dream Summit” to kick off the DREAM movement in Connecticut, where over 30 students attended and were trained on how to organize for the DREAM Act. C4D then held Connecticut’s first “Undocumented & Unafraid: Coming Out” event in the state, where students shared their stories of being undocumented and came out publicly to their communities, a first in CT.

We will be running monthly workshops starting in December for students over zoom but if you would like to sign up for a workshop for your school specifically, let us know here and we will follow up with you: http://bit.ly/c4dpresentationrequest.

In addition to PD workshops, we are always looking for more young people that are interested in what we do to join us! We develop leadership, plan events, and push for changes in our schools! You can find out more about what we do by following us on Instagram or Facebook @ct4adream and can sign up for our next orientation here http://bit.ly/c4dorientation

Please contact CT Students for a Dream if you have any questions.

By Ethan Couillard
Ethan Couillard Ethan Couillard