Careers to Explore in Agriculture, Food, and the Environment

Within the fields of Agriculture, Food, and the Environment, there are many different job titles and career paths that you can pursue – but it can be hard to identify where you hope to one day be without knowing the specific options available. Luckily, there is a resource that you can utilize from the comfort of your home to do just this – explore the ins and outs of specific career paths and job titles you might not have known about.

As a UConn student, you have access to Vault, which provides the ability for you to learn more about specific fields as well as individual careers you may not have previously heard of – simply create an account with your UConn email address to see all the features! Vault breaks down information about numerous industries as well as gives in-depth information about jobs that may be new to you. Additionally, Vault allows you to determine salary ranges, provides information about the work environment and conditions, degrees or certifications recommended, and more. Check out these unique jobs in the field below – and head to Vault for even more!








The Environment



After reading through a specific career track, you can view a number of “Related Professions” at the bottom of the page that will connect you to even more possibilities. Find a prospective profession that you’re interested in? Set up an appointment with a Center for Career Development coach to talk through ways to connect with UConn Alumni in that particular field to hear about their experiences.

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By Jessica Buller
Jessica Buller Career Consultant Jessica Buller