The Limitless Possibilities of a Degree in Communication

An undergraduate degree in Communication can create a viable path for a successful career in many fields. Communication majors learn practical skills during their time as undergraduates that translate into effective client and relationship-building practices and lead to success in various career paths.

Many communication students do not know what career is right for them. Limitless experiential learning activities create opportunities for these students to refine a variety of skill sets used in diverse industries. These acquired skills and proficiencies help students feel qualified to apply to numerous positions across various fields of work. Strong communication skills are the backbone of any job and will make you a valuable asset to any company!

Here are a few examples of the opportunities available to students that graduate with a degree in communication:

Public Relations

Public Relations is a popular field within the realm of communications. Public Relations professionals are focused on maintaining a favorable public image for a company, organization, or person. This type of work requires the application of written communication skills when writing press releases, creating printed materials, and giving oral presentations and pitches.


There are many jobs within the business field that are well-suited for communication majors, such as human resources, marketing, and advertising. HR is a key aspect of all companies and allows for the creation of a positive work environment by maintaining strong communication channels between all levels of employees. Marketing and advertising go hand-in-hand with PR and allow professionals to take advantage of their communication skills to help sell products and services.


Production Assistants, Journalists, Graphic Designers, and Publicists are just a few of the popular career paths within the media industry that provide communication majors the ability to work at the intersection of politics, current events, and news. These jobs require organization, strong time management skills, and creative thinking, which can all be acquired through taking media-oriented communication courses offered at UConn.


Communication students who are particularly passionate about writing and public speaking are uniquely qualified for and should consider law school. UConn offers many communication courses that are great for preparing for a career in law, including public speaking, media literacy, persuasion, interpersonal communication, and organizational communication. Becoming a confident communicator enables you to develop strong relationships with clients, co-workers, partners, and associates.

Whether you are interested in attending law school or looking to jump right into a job once you graduate, always keep in mind that, as a communication major, your undergraduate career has allowed you to develop a unique skill set that will translate well to whichever career path you choose!

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By Emma Gehr
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