Career Pathways: A Career Readiness Guidebook for Native American and Indigenous Students

One of my favorite parts about writing blogs is researching career-related topics for the population to which I am writing; in this case, for Native American and Indigenous college students seeking job searching advice.  If I had not searched “job search tips for Native American and Indigenous students,” I would not have come across Career Pathways: A Career Readiness Guidebook was written specifically for Native and Indigenous students:

“This culturally-relevant guide was created to help Native students prepare for and successfully navigate the diverse landscape of job opportunities and sectors of work. Including contributions from Native graduates, professionals, and artists, Career Pathways explores best practices and opportunities in a familiar and accessible way.” 

The resource is a compilation from the American Indian College Fund, which is another helpful resource for college students to peruse.

This Guidebook is unique in that many stories from Native and Indigenous students and professionals are weaved throughout the book to help support and emphasize information: how to dress for interviews specific to the Native and Indigenous population, things to consider when applying to Tribal jobs, the strength of joining professional organizations, incorporating Indigenous identity in an online presence, and more.

Although much of the general advice about how to find a job or write a résumé is similar to the general college student population, this resource may resonate more with students from the Native American and Indigenous community due to its stories, visuals, and specific tips.  I am so excited to share this resource and hope you’ll find it as interesting and helpful as I did!

By Nancy Bilmes
Nancy Bilmes Director (she/her)