Internship Success Story: Matt Naser

Matt Naser is earning a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences with a minor in Healthcare Management and Insurance Studies at UConn in 2021. Matt participated in a virtual internship as a General Management Corporate Internship Program Associate in the area of Project Management and Business Planning at CVS Health/Aetna.

What were your position responsibilities? Were there any projects or aspects of the job that you had a special interest in?

I was the intern working beneath the Chief of Staff and Senior Vice President. My main priorities included planning the team off-site meeting for the Medicare department, creating monthly review documents, networking, and taking initiative to learn more about CVS Health/Aetna and insurance management as a whole. I loved the overall experience of a corporate role and a business planning focus because it allowed me to truly find what kind of field I would enjoy working in upon graduation. Ultimately, I was offered a position and will join them in June 2021 as a full-time employee.

When and how did you secure this opportunity? Do you have any tips for students trying to secure a similar opportunity?

I used Handshake to find this opportunity, but there are so many other great resources when finding internships. You need to remember to utilize all of the staff and connections you have made at school as well as in the Career Center. These people really are all here to help and were part of the reason I knew where and when to look for opportunities in my field.

Did you have any previous experiences that prepared you for this one?

I worked in customer service prior to this experience, which helped a lot with interactions and communication in general.

How did this experience impact your decision to pursue a career in this field?

The biggest thing these companies want to see in your initial interviews and internship is that you can learn and communicate well in your environment. Remembering these pieces of information and using them in this journey helped to show management that I’m prepared for the future and genuine about the opportunity.

What’s one important thing you think anyone searching for an opportunity similar to yours should know?

Don’t be afraid to reach out to different contacts you find. Taking the initiative to write emails or make phone calls, even if after a rejection, shows employers a type of professionalism and demeanor that is hard to find elsewhere. Many places hold this as highly as a good GPA on a résumé!

What advice do you have for individuals starting a virtual experience?

Be ready for inconveniences. Don’t let these inconveniences and small problems deter you from your work experience. When everyone is in different locations, there will be small problems that are unavoidable. Figuring out how to navigate them and improve your situation are both things that increase your likelihood of getting a job offer.

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