Tips for Working with Depression

If you have been diagnosed with depression and are curious about how it might impact your experience in the workforce, you are not alone.

In 2014, a survey called the Impact of Depression at Work Audit was conducted by the Center for Workplace Mental Health, which is a division of the American Psychiatric Association. That survey revealed that 23% of U.S. workers and managers between the ages of 16 and 64 have received a diagnosis of depression at some time in their life. Over half of these respondents reported that cognitive-related challenges like difficulty concentrating, indecisiveness, and/or forgetfulness were their depression symptoms that impacted them most at work. Additionally, 58% of the respondents indicated that they had not informed their employer about their depression, most citing the reason that they felt it would put their job at risk.

Figuring out how to manage your depression is very personal and should be discussed with a medical professional. In addition to discussing with a medical professional, it can sometimes be helpful to hear from other folks who have experienced depression in the workplace who are willing to share advice.

Depression to Expression is a company founded by Scott Ste Marie, an entrepreneur with a goal to destigmatize mental illness and help others stake control of their mental health. Scott has a very active YouTube channel where he posts new videos every Monday that share insight into how he has worked through his own anxiety and depression. Earlier this year, Scott put out a video called 3 Simple Tips for Working with Depression. In this video, he shares some small strategies that he found helpful to get through a typical workday while depressed. These tips relate to scheduling your workday, planning for lunch, and enjoying your time after work ends. For more of Scott’s videos, visit his YouTube channel.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay