Learn about Green Careers through the Office of Sustainability’s Green Careers Panel

Have you thought about pursuing a Green Career but want to hear more from individuals currently in the field? The Office of Sustainability hosted their second annual Green Careers Panel virtually – and that means you can watch and learn more. Panelists ranged from seasoned engineers, and business owners, to those working in the public sector. Panelists included:

  • Tauhirah Abdul-Matin, PE  Departmental Manager at AECOM
  • Rose Croog – Associate Research Analyst at Connecticut DEEP, a UConn grad and former OS intern
  • Lee Cruz – Program Director for the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven
  • Jeanine Gouin, PE  Vice President and Managing Director of Milone & Macbroom Environmental Consultants, Director of Water Resources Engineering & Environmental Science, Alumni Trustee, UConn Board of Trustees, and former Alumni representative as a member of UConn’s Environmental Policy Advisory Council
  • Grace Yi – Green Infrastructure assistant, City of Hartford Office of Sustainability
  • Alysse Lembo-Buzzeli – Manager of Commercial, Industrial & Institutional Programs at CT Green Bank, a UConn grad and former OS intern

The panel is an hour long and is moderated by Office of Sustainability interns, and the theme was the concept of meandering paths, as the panelists advised students to be persistent, that they may not find their perfect job right away.

A majority of the panelists were women, so they used the opportunity to share differing views on their gender experience in their careers. The topic of inequity in the field was brought up as well and the reminder to learn about racism that is present in all career fields.

Watch the 2020 Green Careers Panel here!

By Jessica Buller
Jessica Buller Career Consultant