Got an IDEA? Imagine, Develop, Engage and Apply!

Is there a creative endeavor you want to engage in, or an original research project you would like to conduct? Do you have a product you would like to develop, an entrepreneurial venture you want to launch, or a service initiative you would like to implement? This is your chance to flex your creative muscles, innovate, and explore.

UConn undergraduate students in all majors at all campuses can apply for a UConn IDEA Grant of up to $4,000 per student to fund self-designed work on a topic, project, problem, artistic product or performance, or other entrepreneurial or creative idea of their choice. Students may apply individually or as part of a small group.

The UConn IDEA Grant is an opportunity for creativity, innovation, original research, and service. The project should be personally meaningful, relevant, and engaging. The project does not need to be tied to your major or minor, but it should be guided by your academic goals and future plans. It is about more than just receiving funding. It’s about having a valuable learning experience that helps you explore a topic of interest, develop skills that will prepare you for a career or graduate study, test out career and/or academic options, and build a network of like-minded peers engaged in innovative and creative projects.

How to Apply

Applications for the UConn IDEA Grant are submitted online. Go to the Submit an Application page to learn more about the application process and to access materials to help you prepare a successful application.

Please note that there are two application cycles. The March application deadline is for funding for the next academic year. The December deadline is for summer funding.

If you have questions about the UConn IDEA Grant program or the application process, schedule an appointment with program coordinator Melissa Berkey or contact her through email at

By Tara Malone
Tara Malone Associate Director, Regional Campuses Tara Malone