Join the NSA for their Virtual Career Invitational for People with Disabilities!

What is the National Security Agency (NSA)?

The National Security Agency (NSA) leads the U.S. government in cryptology, also known as the art and science of making and breaking codes. This includes working with both signal intelligence (communication systems, radars, weapon systems, etc.) and cybersecurity.

The NSA is both a member of the Defense Department and an Intelligence Community agency, which makes it uniquely positioned to advance U.S. goals and alliances, defend vital networks, and protect privacy rights. One of the NSA’s most important responsibilities is to provide information to our nation’s top decision-makers so they can make informed decisions and are able to communicate and exchange information securely.

Because the NSA is involved in so many aspects of national security, they offer a wide variety of jobs as well. Some career path options at the NSA include intelligence analysis, foreign language analysis, computer science, engineering, business and accounting, law, health, human resources, education and training, communications and public affairs, and more.

What will happen at the Virtual Career Invitational for People with Disabilities?

On March 17, 2021, hear from current NSA employees and members of our People with Disabilities Employee Resource Group, and about how they found their way to NSA, how they contribute to our National Security mission, and about the resources that have helped them build successful careers at the agency, including assistive technology and reasonable accommodations. Employees will share their experiences from across mission directorates and answer questions from the audience.

To learn more about the Virtual Career Invitational and to register, visit:

Is the NSA hiring?

Yes! The NSA has many job openings, including some entry-level roles. Visit their website to use their job exploration tool quiz, learn about cyber and business careers with the NSA, and see current job openings.


Photo from Pixabay via Pexels.