New Law on Hairstyles Makes It Easier for Connecticut Workers to be Authentic

Connecticut Joins Eight States in Fighting ‘Natural Hair’ Discrimination

Several UConn alums say that from late childhood on, they experienced pressure to straighten or cut their hair to conform to a culture that values hair styles typically associated with white people. The pressure intensified as they prepared to join the workforce, where Afro-centric hair may be considered untidy, unprofessional, or too bold for the corporate culture.

When Gov. Ned Lamont signed the CROWN (Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair) Act into law this week, prohibiting discrimination in the workplace or schools based on someone’s natural hair, it was a victory, they say. Connecticut joins California, New York, New Jersey, and five others in passing the legislation.

The law is a victory for Black and Latino workers who have long felt pressure to change their natural hairstyles to conform with an unfair standard.

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By Clarie Hall
Clarie Hall