3 Life Strengths of Being an International Student and Postdoc 

I came across this article titled Choice vs. Circumstances in the Carpe Careers column at “Inside Higher Ed”. Two international Ph.D. and postdoc researchers shared their experiences studying and researching in the U.S. The authors discussed three skills they leaned on in academia that proved to be extremely useful in their careers. Below is an excerpt of the “3 life strengths” from the article:

Cultural Intelligence

Global mobility strengthens cultural intelligence, which involves motivation to learn and understand new cultures, as well as mindfulness to navigate distinct cultural scenarios.


 Living in multicultural and multilingual societies affords international researchers a nuanced understanding and appreciation of diverse communication styles — another valuable skill in a global workforce


International researchers exercise implicit courage and take risks when making life and career decisions, sometimes overcoming significant circumstantial odds. This proactive courage inspires resilience in the face of suboptimal and adverse situations in a new environment.

 The authors explained that acknowledging and evaluating such strengths will inspire them to broaden their perceived personal and professional realm of possibilities and embolden them to continue exercising the power of choice amid any constraints of circumstances.

If you are interested in reading the entire article visit this link https://www.insidehighered.com/advice/2021/01/18/three-distinct-strengths-contribute-professional-success-international-researchers

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Desiree Martino, Career Coach

By Desiree Martino
Desiree Martino Career Coach Desiree Martino