Student Success Story: Corpierlina Medor

Recent graduate Corpierlina Medor (she/her/hers) earned a bachelor’s degree in Allied Health Science from the College of Agriculture, Health, and Natural Resources in May 2020. Since graduating, Corpierlina enrolled in a master’s degree program in Biomedical Science at Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida. Hear Corpierlina’s story about carving her own path to pursue her goals.

How did you choose your undergraduate major?

Originally, I applied to UConn as a Biology major, however, prior to orientation, I discovered that Allied Health Sciences was a major and that it was more flexible because I would be able to cater my major towards taking classes that were prerequisites for dental school. I capitalized on this and made the switch. By the time orientation came around, I was all set and ready to begin the process of picking my classes for the upcoming semester. 

How did you choose your graduate program?

I wanted to do a Post-Baccalaureate program before applying to dental school, but a friend of mine convinced me to apply to my current program and see where it would take me. I am grateful and thankful that I did!

What groups, organizations, or other resources at UConn contributed to your success?

While at UConn I was part of MAPS which is the Minority Association for Pre-Medical Students. I am grateful for that organization because I met a lot of minority students like myself who shared similar circumstances. It was helpful to know that I was not alone and that there was a community to back me up and help me push forward. 

Another organization I was part of was the UConn American Red Cross Club. We were in charge of hosting the blood drives and helping check people in and make sure that anyone who donated blood was dizzy-free afterward. I believe that both organizations helped shape me into the person I am today.

What academic, career preparation, or job search obstacles did you need to overcome and how did you do so?

I would say I definitely did overcome career preparation obstacles at UConn. I am grateful to have worked at the Center for Career Development because I was surrounded by people whose profession is to help students prepare for or further their careers. I received a lot of insight from these individuals and they are people I will come back to if I ever need additional career support.

What advice would you give to current UConn students who are looking to follow the same career path?

My advice would be not to get discouraged! It’s okay to not have everything mapped out. You could spend all this time devising your next steps for them to not go as planned – it happens!

I wanted to go straight to dental school after graduating, but instead, I am doing my master’s before I apply to dental programs. What is important is to be adaptable, learn from the circumstances, and push forward. This is a life skill that you will learn with experience; it does take time and learning lessons the hard way to be able to master this skill. 

You are not alone! Not everyone has everything figured out even if they act like they do. Remember: people will only show you what they WANT you to see – what you see is not always reality.

By Francesca Crivello
Francesca Crivello Operations Coordinator