3 Alternative Experiential Learning Resources for Business, Finance, Sales, & Marketing Students

Going to college, many students hope to gain practical experience in their field. One way of achieving this goal is by taking part in experiential learning, which consists of internships, co-ops, research, clinical, part-time jobs, and more. Many students are not familiar with the term experiential learning but can learn more about it on the Center of Career Development website and UConn’s research opportunities. Below are some examples of alternative experiential learning experiences specifically for the Business, Finance, Sales, and Marketing Career Community.

Washington Business Week Virtual Business Program

This Summer 2021 Virtual Program can be completed for credit while providing excellent networking and problem-solving opportunities. Students will be placed in 10 to 12 while being mentored by an expert in the industry. Each team collaborates to solve potentially real-world business problems and develop ideas to pitch to potential investors. While teams compete against each other, they are guided by their mentors and inspired by outside speakers,

To learn more about the Washington Business Week Virtual Business Program, click here.

Financial Markets Certification

The Financial Markets Certification offered through Yale University is one of the top online certifications for students curious about risk management and behavioral finance. The course is taught across seven modules by Nobel Prize winner Robert Shiller. Using his expertise as an economist and best-selling author, Shiller provides well-rounded and captivating teaching of financial practices. Students can take part in the course for free when enrolling through Coursera’s audit mode. 

To learn more about the Financial Markets Certification, click here.

The Sales Education Foundation University Sales Competitions

The Sales Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides training and education to students globally in the sales industry. The University Sales Competitions occur across the country to allow students to transfer their classroom learning into a competitive sales environment. Some sales skills developed include team selling, role-play, and creating an effective elevator pitch.

To learn more about The Sales Education Foundation University Sales Competitions, click here.

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By Lisa Martelli
Lisa Martelli