2 Alternative Experiential Learning Resources for Education and Social Services Students

Going to college, many students hope to gain practical experience in their field. One way of achieving this goal is by taking part in experiential learning, which consists of internships, co-ops, research, clinical, part-time jobs, and more. Many students are not familiar with the term experiential learning but can learn more about it on the Center of Career Development website and UConn’s research opportunities. Below are some examples of alternative experiential learning experiences specifically for the Education and Social Service Career Community.


STEP-UP stands for Summer Teacher Education Partnership for Urban Preparation. This immersive experience is a month-long summer residency where future students can engage in teaching in urban areas of Chicago. This is a great experiential learning opportunity for students committed to urban teaching. Students will live with a host family in Chicago, partner with a summer school teacher, and conduct a local non-profit organization. The experience also includes a two-part training on anti-racism practices in the classroom. To learn more about STEP-UP, click here

NBASLH’s Power to Empower Mentorship Program

The National Black Association for Speech-Language and Hearing, Power to Empower Mentorship Program matches the mentee with a mentor who has navigated and is successful in Communication Science and Disorders as a minority. With the help of a mentor, students will establish career goals, network, and gain skills to propel their careers forward as they enter the workforce. To learn more about NBASLH’s Power to Empower Mentorship Program, click here To explore more alternative experiential learning experiences, schedule a meeting with a Center for Career Development Career Coach on Handshake! Photo by Jeffrey Hamilton on Unsplash

By Lisa Martelli
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