Benefits of Working at a Benefit Corporation

For-profit companies can offer a lot of opportunities that other experiences may not provide. However, there is also less accountability in for-profit companies to ensure high-quality treatment of their workers and often their main goal isn’t to make a positive impact on the world. So how do you balance the benefits and drawbacks of working at a for-profit company? 

The answer: Benefit Corporations.

Benefit Corporations, or B-Corps, are the best of both worlds being for-profit companies that are also held accountable through their legal designation to ethical business practices and contributing towards a public good. There are so many different benefits to working at a B-Corp.

One great benefit is it allows you to find meaning in your career. You are able to work for a company that contributes towards some sort of public good. Whether the cause is environmental sustainability or educational equity you can know that your work is contributing towards a greater good.

Also, there is higher accountability for your company’s business practices. Benefit Corporations are required to publish a public report about all of their contributions towards the public good and their ethical business practices. This allows for transparency so you know exactly what kind of company your work is contributing to.

Benefit Corporations also bring together like-minded individuals. You will be able to work with and be surrounded by similar people who also want to find a meaningful career. The nature of B-Corps creates an employee-centric culture that focuses on supporting and benefiting its employees.

If you haven’t already, you should consider exploring all of the great opportunities that Benefit Corporations have to offer. Check out the b-work website: to find job postings from B-Corps!

By Sean Roach
Sean Roach Career Intern