6 Hobbies Students Can Still Do at Home They Could Grow In and Get Paid For!

It is no secret that even still in 2021, in what looks like the horizon of the pandemic, many are still confined to their homes or finding themselves with time they otherwise wouldn’t have. Here we investigate what you can do with that free time (and even get paid for it).

Social Media Management

It isn’t surprising this one is on the list, but it is one that many people underestimate in terms of need and viability. Today we have the most engagement of social media from their inception and growth to popular culture. Now we have seen apps such as Facebook and Instagram implementing marketplaces and business analytics for users. These updates suggest that running social media is indeed a hard challenge. For the younger generation of people (such as yourself!), this is a great opportunity to contribute to an organization or business in need of someone hip and tech-savvy.


This is a hobby that many people already have, but now is the best time to get involved. Camera work can be overwhelming at first, but if you dedicate the time, you can potentially start taking photos for people you know for events like birthdays, graduations, holidays, and more. Develop a portfolio to share your work and to reach more people as you build your clientele. You also get opportunities to move around a lot, see different sceneries, and have a chance to show your creative vision!

Editing/Graphic Design

Like photography and social media, this is a heavily used industry in the world of isolation that we’re experiencing today. Even before the pandemic, we witnessed how content creation on social media or platforms such as Youtube, Mixer, and Twitch rely heavily on graphics.  Many start-ups look for designers who can create logos and art for their businesses or create flyers and infographics about events, so learning how to design graphics at home is fun, and at times a challenging hobby to tackle, but there is viability everywhere.


Everyone loves food! From health gurus to couch potatoes, we all enjoy various meals from all over the world. If you find that you enjoy making food just as you do consume it, this is an opportunity for you to show your abilities as a chef and promote a small business where you sell some of your best dishes. This can start locally with friends and expand to where you have a community of customers who are always excited to eat your food! With social media, it makes it even easier for anyone to self-promote their small business.


Businesses are profiting a lot due to the many opportunities and time we shoppers have right now, but this isn’t necessarily good for those with poor reviews or no reviews at all. Businesses often look to renowned reviewers or those with a following to promote and comment on their products to a larger audience, which they often get paid or incentivized to do. As a reviewer with a blog of sorts, you can create a community of readers who trust your judgment and always turn to you for advice on the given products you cover and sometimes will even learn about new products/services. If there are specific audiences you want to cover (makeup, tech, etc.), then this would be perfect for one who is always constantly trying new products.


A popular hobby that many people have today. Financing and Collecting are giants to tackle as a whole, but there are smaller subsects of the category that may appeal to your specific interest. All have a high reward with just as high of a risk. If you find that you are competitive and like to see results, getting into any financial realm would fit the buck of what you’re looking for. Stock Trading, NFT’s, Sports Bettings, Reselling and Dropshipping, and Forex are a few of the many different approaches one can have here to learn and grow.

What Can You Do?

To close out, many other hobbies can turn into profitable ventures or even careers, but this is a small list. Here’s some advice on how to navigate what works for you,

  • Appeal to one(s) most aligned with your personal interest, knowledge, and skill set. Without motivation, progress is hard to come by. So, don’t force yourself against what’s most natural to you.
  • Take the time to research. It never happens overnight, and you have to be willing to give yourself time to sort out the kinks and learn your craft. If you hope to profit from your hobby one day, you have to be thorough in your preparation.
  • Get into it even when you’re not “ready” because the idea of not being fully prepared is a means of procrastinating in fear of failure. It’s ok to make mistakes and not know what exactly to do, and the best experiences are always on the job, so embrace not being perfect.
  • Network and reach out. As talented as you may feel that you are in any particular thing, exposure and support are the driving principles behind pursuing a passion project like this. From the start, aside from a few close friends/family, you are the only one that believes in what you offer. By being able to develop relationships, show up to networking events, and breaking out of your shell, you are growing a group of supporters already, the more you gain, the farther reach you have from yourself, don’t be a hero and assume that having other people’s support is weak, it will be one of your biggest strengths.

This is a list inspired by the MoneyTalksNews article, 21 Hobbies You Can Turn Into a Business.

By Javon Adote
Javon Adote Javon Adote