HACE: A Career Resource for Latino Professionals

Are you looking for a company that values diversity? How about a non-profit that will assist in forming networking connections and provide resources for professional development?   Look no further, the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement (HACE) is a national non-profit that is centered around the supplying of invaluable career and professional development resources to current and aspiring Latino professionals.   With a mission of, “To positively impact the American workplace by cultivating the pipeline of Latino talent and providing professionals with insights, access, and support to be successful in their careers”, HACE has become a major hub for corporate and organizations partnerships searching for diverse talent. Partnerships with companies such as Allstate, Discover, TransUnion, and US Foods, HACE connects its 77k members with employers hiring Latino professionals.    Through HACE, students can benefit from their talent acquisition events and resources, leadership and professional development, and branding and leadership insight. HACE also encourages students of all ages to professionals to participate in their programs aimed at the promotion of Latino professional development. Their programs specifically are aimed to “help participants develop the skills necessary to produce immediate and sustainable results for themselves and organizations they serve.”  You can learn more about HACE’s programs on their website 

Photo Courtesy of HACEonline.org

By Spencer Hayes
Spencer Hayes Graduate Assistant, Programming (She/Her/Hers)