Welcome to the Government, Public Administration, and Law Career Community!

Welcome to the Government, Public Administration, and Law (GPAL) Career Community! This page is an excellent resource to gather information, resources, and advice about careers in GPAL. If you are interested in working within government, public administration and legal industries, this page can serve as your one-stop shop to increase your knowledge. To get the most out of this page, we recommend spending some time clicking around. Here are a few highlights of the page:

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Under the picture of the U.S. Capital, you will see 6 different icons which link to an area on the page.

1. Featured Events: Events related to Government, Public Administration, and Law will be listed here. The events will cover a wide range of topics including alumni panels, learning about internships, and networking.

2. Featured Jobs: Jobs and internships related to Government, Public Administration, and Law are updated periodically to keep you aware of any new opportunities. Check back often for new jobs and internships!

3. Husky Mentors: The Husky Mentor network is an online mentoring platform where you can connect with UConn alumni & professionals for one-on-one career conversations, including discussing choosing a major, résumé critiques, practice interviews, and more. The featured Husky Mentors will change periodically.

4. Job Market Insights: Explore occupations by career categories and pathways using real time labor data to power your decision making. This feature allows you to view labor data by occupation and view nationwide or state-specific data. This is a fantastic tool to learn about desired skills, top employers, education levels and more! Below is an example of the information provided when Urban and Regional Planners in Connecticut are inputted.

5. Professional Organizations: Professional organizations are an excellent place to gain industry specific knowledge. Many professional organizations website include news, resources, events, networking opportunities, and more! Consider browsing their websites or join one today!

6. Student Organizations: UConn student organizations related to Government, Public Administration, and Law are listed here. If you are looking to gather in an environment where other students care about the same issues as you, a student organization is a great place to begin networking and having conversations!

The topics listed above are just 6 ways to utilize this page, but there are many more! We encourage you to spend some time scrolling to learn more about how you can use this page as a place to continue on your unique career journey.

Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels

By Aaliyah Castleberry
Aaliyah Castleberry Career Consultant