A Resource to Help You Become an Entrepreneur

Interested in starting your own business? Do you want to bring your idea to life? With 60+ member programs and a $22.5 million dollar commitment from Peter J. Werth, the Peter J. Werth Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is the resource for you! 

The main goal of the Werth Institute is to encourage entrepreneurial education, opportunities, and experiences for UConn students; innovative mindsets are promoted through programs, academic courses, mentorship, and activities.  

The Insititute offers academic resources, including a course to begin your journey – “ENTR2234: The Entrepreneurship Journey.” The Insititute recommends a major in Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and recommends minors including “Entrepreneurship,” “Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation,” and “Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship.” More than this, the Insititute lists industry-specific courses and programs, all related to innovation and entrepreneurship.  

Networking opportunities are also highlighted within the Werth Institute. One program is called NetWerx, which is a mentorship program that creates connections between alumni and students. Through on-on-one mentoring meetings and group mentoring sessions, you will learn how to utilize an entrepreneurial mindset for career exploration. In addition, Werth Innovators is a student ambassador program that promotes mentorship, networking, and skill building as students learn to become community leaders. Students who apply and are selected receive a $3,000 scholarship!  

Want to challenge yourself and experiment with hands-on work? Conduct work in the Learning Community Innovation Zone (LCIZ). Located in the Peter. J Werth Residence Tower, the space provides materials and equipment that allows students to bring their ideas to life. Similarly, become a part of HACKUCONN, a 24-hour event where students collaborate in teams to develop prototypes using the LCIZ Makerspace. Even more exciting, students present to a panel of judges and prizes are awarded to the best solutions.  

Furthermore, the Insititute includes startup resources to aid the tough transition from an idea to a commercial venture. With grant programs and competitions including Accelerate UConn and Innovation Quest, receive help in areas including funding, patents, marketing, and more.  

Upcoming events include the 2021 Wolff New Venture Competition on Monday, October 25 from 5:00-7:30pm. Attend this event and watch the top five startups from UConn perform live pitches and compete for a $20,000 prize!  

Photo Courtesy of Kindel Media.

By Jami Pandiscio
Jami Pandiscio Jami Pandiscio