9 Resources to Help Students Declare a Major

If you are struggling to declare a major, you are not alone. Around a quarter of all first-year students, including myself, are accepted into UConn’s Academic Center for Exploratory Students (ACES) program every year. ACES is an advising program for students who have yet to declare a major; the program is designed to encourage students to explore their options while continuing to stay on track.  

If you are currently enrolled in the ACES program, or if you wish to switch majors, it is important to utilize all the resources that UConn has to offer. Listed below are resources that supported me in my journey to finding my passion and declaring a major. And they are designed specifically to support you too! 

Exploratory Advisors: Educated in every major UConn offers, Exploratory Advisors are here to help! Make an appointment with an Exploratory Advisor if you wish to learn about the details of any major. Topics discussed may include major content, course requirements/planning, admission requirements, and major contacts.  

Career Coaches: Do you want to understand how specific majors connect to future career paths? Make a 30-minute appointment with a Career Coach! Committed to supporting your academic and career journeys, Career Coaches can help you with anything from major exploration to a LinkedIn consultation.  

Major Exploration GroupsOverwhelmed with the number of majors available to you? The Major Exploration Groups got you covered. Simplify your search and explore different groups of majors, each with related content and disciplinary focus. Exploring the groups will provide you with some direction into declaring a major! 

Major ProfilesExplore profiles of every major offered here at UConn. The major profiles include many helpful resources including a brief overview of the major, major requirements, helpful introduction courses, career opportunities, ways to get involved, and more.  

Major Elimination Form: Narrow down your options with this fan-favorite elimination form! This activity will allow you to focus your interests by eliminating any major you know you are not interested in. With two elimination phases, this activity will organize and lay your options out for you. 

TME Student Mentors: Contact a current UConn student in your interested major! Learn first-hand about the experiences and opportunities of a major. Listen to real opinions and what it may be like to be a student in a specific major.  

UNIV 1820: Enroll in a one-credit course designed to support you in declaring a major. This course focuses on YOU, where you will explore yourself through your values, personality, and strengths. The course also helps you to create connections with TME Student Mentors, Academic Advisors, and Career Coaches. 

Husky Network: Meet with UConn alumni and professionals one-on-one to discuss major exploration! The Husky Network is an online mentoring platform you can utilize to begin connecting and building a network for yourself.  

Focus 2Take a variety of assessments to learn about your values, skills, personality, and work interests! These results will help you identify you learn about yourself, therefore guiding you into declaring a major.  

Speaking firsthand, declaring a major is a stressful experience, especially with the 10 schools and 115 majors that UConn offers. But UConn makes it easy to explore your options with a multitude of resources designed specifically for major exploration. So, take advantage of these resources available right at your fingertips!  

I am currently a second-year student here at UConn and with the help of ACES program, along with the resources I utilized here at UConn, I have recently decided to apply to the UConn School of Business! The process worked for me, and I am sure it will work for you too! 

Photo courtesy of Amanda Jones

By Jami Pandiscio
Jami Pandiscio Jami Pandiscio