How to Choose a Major When You’re Undecided

Choosing a major can be very difficult, especially for immigrant students who come from countries with different educational systems. The education system in the United States was a culture shock for me because I did not expect to have hundreds of majors to choose from. It can be particularly overwhelming for indecisive students with no clear career path. However, there’s no need to worry because you are not alone. 

About 50% of college students are unsure about their major and it makes total sense because picking the right major for you can change your whole life trajectory. The question is how can you figure out what major to pick? There are many ways to go about choosing.  

The Academic Center for Exploratory Students (ACES) is a university program supporting students when choosing a major through advising and major exploration. In ACES, you will be paired with an advisor who will work with you until you officially pick a major. 

The Major Experience (TME) is a student-focused program that aims to facilitate major exploration in a holistic approach, offered through ACES, the Center for Career Development, and various UConn academic schools/colleges. Through TME, you can complete the Major Elimination activity, where you are provided a list of all UConn majors and start eliminating the ones you don’t like. This process can still be done even if you already have declared your major; there might be one you didn’t even think about which might end up being exactly what you needed.  

Furthermore, if you are still unsure about your remaining choices after you go through the elimination process, you could take a career assessment. Career assessments can help you make an educated career choice through personality and values tests. This can be done through one of the Career Center resources, such as Focus2. From there you will be able to complete work interests, personality, and skills assessments. When completed, you will be provided with a list of career paths that will fit your different attributes. 

In addition, there is help through student organizations where you can be surrounded by people who are going through the same thing as you. There are hundreds of organizations on campus, and it can be hard to choose. However, that process is made easier through UConntact where you can explore the different organizations in different categories.  

Whether you are interested in community outreach functions, arts and crafts, or Greek life, one thing is sure: you will be able to find your type of people in one or many of those organizations on campus. Seeking help can be intimidating but all of these resources are here to help you make the best of your college experience. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of them. 

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By Rebecca Ninger
Rebecca Ninger Career Consulting and Services Intern Rebecca Ninger