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Interested in a career in the field of finance? Join the Finance Society! As one of the largest student-run organizations at UConn, the Society’s mission is to improve the professional, educational, and social development of students in any major. The Finance Society provides a variety of virtual and in-person opportunities for students to merge their academic and career goals, including weekly meetings, stock pitch competitions, and conferences.  

A major goal of the Finance Society is to create connections and networks between the members and other students, employers, and alumni. This is achieved through activities like current event discussions, company presentations, discussion panels, and career development workshops. Not only is networking a critical skill to have in any and every industry, but networking through the Society will provide you with opportunities to meet with employers’ face-to-face for prospective internship and full-time job positions. Furthermore, you can also receive support in your individual career journey with advice on interviewing, along with the complete recruiting processes.  

There are many popular events promoted by the Society. One is the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Research Challenge, an annual global competition that provides students with hands-on mentoring and training in financial analysis and professional ethics. Another is the University of Michigan Engage Undergraduate Investment Conference, an event that includes a stock pitch competition as well as speeches and panels. The Society even hosts a conference of its own every fall and spring semester. Sponsored by the CFA Society of Hartford, this event holds panel discussions on alternative investing, investment banking, investment management, and a discussion with alumni.  

Finance Society alumni have commonly pursued careers at various firms including Bank of America, Citi, Moody’s, Morgan Stanley, UBS, and so on. You, too, can pursue a career at remarkable firms like these! Are you intrigued yet!? Email and join today! Meetings are held on Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm-7:30pm via WebEx. Become part of the email list and learn about important events and opportunities, both on and off campus. Also, check out the Finance Society website to read about past meeting recaps, the executive board, highlighted events, and more.  

Photo courtesy of Sharon McCutcheon.


By Jami Pandiscio
Jami Pandiscio Jami Pandiscio