Deepthi Varghese Success Story

Deepthi Varghese is a TD Module Engineer at Intel Corporation. Deepthi earned a PhD in Polymer Chemistry from UConn. “I am currently working as a process engineer in the dry etch module at Intel. My current role focuses on technology development for next-gen semiconductor technologies and sustaining for high volume manufacturing.” Deepthi has been with Intel for a year and a half.

Research Experience

When questioned about experiences that contributed to Deepthi’s success, she explained, “My current success was mainly due to my research experience at UConn.” She added that the top competencies that she gained during her research were critical thinking and problem-solving.

 Visa Process

When asked if as an international student she overcame career preparation or job search obstacles Deepthi replied, “As an international student, visa requirements are one of our biggest challenges. Understanding the visa process from colleagues and ISSS helps you navigate that process as you leave the university and continue into the professional world.”

Graduate Student Senate (GSS) & Tarang

Deepthi talked about being active on campus. There is value in leveraging on-campus involvement to further gain skills and to have additional examples beyond one’s research, to feature a range of skills that a future employer seeks.

Her involvement in two particular organizations taught her life and professional skills and helped her meet individuals who aided her in career planning and subsequently in her professional role at Intel. “GSS and Tarang (cultural organization for South Asian community) have helped me understand leadership, teamwork, and build a network.”  

 ISSS and Fellow Students

When asked what advice she would give to current UConn international students who are looking to work within the U.S. before or after graduation Deepthi answered, “I highly recommend current students talk to ISSS and seniors and understand the visa process and how to plan their OPT application. OPT application is a very crucial step for every international student and planning on when to start this is crucial. I also recommend students talk to doctoral students farther along in their degree program at UConn.”

 Center for Career Development

Deepthi also recommended that students “talk to Career Services at UConn to understand the job search process.” Deepthi met with a career consultant on multiple occasions to prepare for an interview, and to develop her job application materials.


By Desiree Martino
Desiree Martino Career Coach | Pronouns she/her